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NM Energy$mart Resources

Income Qualification

Family Size - Income

1 - $24,980

2 - $33,820

3  -$42,660

4 - $51,500

5 - $60,340

6 - $69,180

7 - $78,020

8 - $86,860

Add $8,840 for each additional person over 8 in a household.

Federal Guidelines and Regulations

The NM Energy $mart Program strives for best practice by encouraging all subrecipients and partners to be familiar with the federal guidelines that govern the program.  The first and most important set of regulations is the 10 CFR 440.   This was written after Title IV of the Energy Conservation and Production Act put the Weatherization Program into place.  This is the first place that should be consulted when confronted with program questions.  This forms the backbone of the program and supports a good portion of the guidance that the Department of Energy has issued throughout the years.

The next most helpful set of guidance is issued directly from the Department of Energy.  Guidance is issued in the form of "WPNs" or memorandums.  There is a a searchable database that dates as far back as 1984.  Their link can be found here:

The NM Energy $mart Program uses federal funding from both the Department of Energy and Low Income Energy Assistance Program.  When grants are used from federal sources, the recipients of the funds are to follow regulations issued by the OMB and are refered to as the 2 CFR 200 or sometimes OMB circular.  It is strongly recommended that agencies are familiar with these regulations prior to working with federal funding. 

Energy $mart Guidelines

Individual states are expected to write their own individual plans that describe how they will use the funding issued by the federal sources.  These are refered to as the "State Plans" and consist of two parts: Master Plan and Annual Plan. The Master Plan also contains the Health and Safety Plan as an additional documenet.  Only the most updated plans are used for the current program year.  All three are listed below. 

There are also other documents that contain additional information on program compliance such as the Energy$mart RFP that is issued during non renewal years.  Each agency also receives contracts that futher describe the requirements of the program.  All agencies are expected to follow the policies and procedures described in the Aministration Manual and the NM Technical Standards.  Field guides describe how the work that is performed should be done and reference the Standard Work Specifications (SWS) unless specific waivers are issued by the Department of Energy.

The NM Energy $mart Program works with several national entities and encourage partners to use the resources available.  Below are some helpful links to these entities:


Energy Out West

Building Performance Institute

SFCC Energy $mart Academy

NM Energy$mart Manuals and Field Guides

Administrative Manual PY 2019

Technical Standards PY 2019

Manufactured Home Field Guide

Single Family Site Built Field Guide

Multifamily Field Guide

Single Family Audit Process Site Built

Single Family Audit Process Mobile Homes

Multifamily Audit Process

Health and Safety Plans

Health and Safety Plan 2016-2017

Health and Safety Plan 2017-2018

Health and Safety Plan 2018-2019

Health and Safety Plan 2019-2020 Final Current Year

Health and Safety Matrix-2016-2017

Health and Safety Matrix 2017-2018

Health and Safety Matrix 2018-2019

Health and Safety Matrix 2019-2020

NM Energy$mart State Plans—Annual File and Master File

Annual File 2016-2017

Annual File 2017-2018

Annual File 2018-2019

Annual File 2019-2020 Final Current Year

Master File 2016-2017

Master File 2017-2018

Master File 2018-2019

Master File 2019-2020 Final Current Year

NM Energy$mart Forms

Application Cover Letter

Application Single Family

Application Multifamily

Unemployed Notary Form

Explanation Notary Form

Assessor Diagnostic Test Worksheet

Mold Client Form

Lead Safe Client Form

Renovate Right Lead Form

A Citizen's Guide to Radon

HVAC Checklist

Health and Safety Worksheet

Deferral Document

Client Education Checklist

Daily Air/Duct Sealing Form

Daily Safety Test Out Form

DWH Waiver

QCI Diagnostic Testing

QCI Final Inspection Document

Housing Services Directories

MFA's Housing Services Directory has listings for lenders, REALTORS, governmental agencies, property owners and managers and not-for-profit organizations.

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Request a copy of MFA's Housing Directory at no charge.

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Agencies that provide rent and utility assistance.

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Agencies that provide emergency shelter and assistance.

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All RFP Templates and Links

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Energy$mart RFP

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External Audit Services RFP

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State Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) RFP

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Income Limits

HOME Income Limits and Maximum Rents

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ESG Income Limits and Fair Market Rents

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