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Required Affordable Housing Plan Elements

Section 4.2 of the Affordable Housing Act Rules requires that a valid affordable housing plan or housing element
of a general plan of a county or municipality contain the following elements:

Community and Housing Profile

  1. Demographic characteristics: race and ethnicity, income, age, employment, population trends;
  2. Household characteristics: the number of existing households and housing units (by tenure);
  3. Housing market analysis: housing costs, rents, vacancy rates, and sales prices.

Housing Needs Assessment

  1. Existing needs: the number of households with a cost burden for housing, living in overcrowded situations or with special needs (people with disabilities, elderly, large households, female-headed households, homeless, and others); the number of homes needing rehabilitation or at-risk of no longer being affordable;
  2. Projected needs: identify number of new units needed by tenure, housing type and cost to meet current needs and accommodate expected population growth and job generation; determine number of homes to be created through new construction, rehabilitation and preservation.

Plan Checklist

Affordable Housing Plan - HOW TO - booklet

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