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Ordinance Submission

According to the Affordable Housing Act Rules, the proposed ordinance and other required documentation must be provided to MFA within the period prescribed by the Rules in Section 5.3(B)(1)(a) prior to the county’s or the municipality providing a housing assistance grant or affordable housing funds.The ordinance may be submitted simultaneously with the plan. The ordinance must reflect the plan’s goals and strategies. The ordinance must outline donations and/or programs that meet the needs identified in the plan.


MFA will review a local government’s proposed ordinance utilizing a checklist that includes all ordinance requirements as mandated by the Affordable Housing Act Rules. The local government will initially adopt an original ordinance that authorizes the local government to make affordable housing donations and establishes the parameters for such donations. That ordinance must contain all elements required by the Affordable Housing Act Rules as listed in the checklist. Subsequent ordinances that are created to authorize and/or implement specific affordable housing programs or projects may simply incorporate the required ordinance components that have already been included in the original ordinance as applicable to all affordable housing donations.


Downloadable Files

AHA Ordinance Checklist


Gallup Affordable Housing Ordinance No. C2007-06

City of Santa Fe Ordinance No. 2006-33

City of Eunice Ordinance No. 435

Los Alamos Ordinance No. 02-281