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Renting Your Home

Important COVID-19 Information for Residents 

If you live in a HUD-administered subsidized or affordable rental property, your rent is still due. However, if you are having trouble making your rent payment, the CARE Act prevents your landlord from starting eviction proceedings until July 24, 2020. For more information click here.

In addition, the Supreme Court of the State of New Mexico issued two orders, one on March 24, 2020 (No. 20-8500-007)  and one on March 26, 2020 (No. 20-8500-008), which address eviction for non-payment of rent cases. These orders require judges to stay (put a hold on) evictions in cases where the tenant has shown the court that they are unable to pay rent. Therefore, anyone currently renting a house or apartment in New Mexico may not be evicted for failure to pay rent. 

If you are having a dispute with your landlord, New Mexico Legal Aid may be able to help. Go to the New Mexico Legal Aid website or call 1-833-LGL-HELP (1-833-545-4357) Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

MFA is providing rental assistance funds to approximately 200 affordable apartment complexes in the state. Talk to your property owner or manager to determine if your apartment community is receving MFA funding and, if so, if rental assistance is available to you. 

For help with rent or utility payments, click on the "Rent & Utility Assistance" link in the menu bar to the left for a list of organizations that may be able to help. Please contact them directly. 

Finding an Affordable Apartment

MFA oversees two types of rental properties: affordable and subsidized. On the menu bar to the left you will find lists of all of the affordable and subsidized apartment communities MFA oversees throughout the state. When you click the link, you'll see the qualification requirements for both types of properties. However, be sure to contact the management of the property you're interested in to find out what additional qualification criteria applies to that specific property. 

As a renter, you should be aware of your rights under the Fair Housing Act and New Mexico Human Rights Act. Under these protections, everyone has the right to have access to all housing opportunities without discrimination based on race, religion, national origin, sex, color, familial status, disability, ancestry, sexual orientation, gender identity and spousal affiliation. For more information, go to the Fair Housing menu item on the menu bar to the left. If you believe you've been discriminated against in your pursuit of housing or in how you are treated as a renter, this link provides access to valuable resources.

Housing Services Directories

MFA's Housing Services Directory has listings for lenders, REALTORS, governmental agencies, property owners and managers and not-for-profit organizations.

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Request a copy of MFA's Housing Directory at no charge.

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Agencies that provide rent and utility assistance.

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Agencies that provide emergency shelter and assistance.

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MFA Fair Housing Resources

Fair Housing brochure, Spanish
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Fair Housing brochure, English
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