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Income, Purchase Price/Acquisition Cost and Targeted Area Limits

First Home Income Limits (By Family Size)

Current gross annual household income may not exceed limits listed below unless the homebuyer is planning to purchase a home in a targeted area.

Counties / By Family Size 1 2 3+
Albuquerque MSA (Bernalillo/Sandoval/Torrance/Valencia) $61,900 $61,900 $71,185
Santa Fe MSA $74,640 $74,640 $87,080
Los Alamos County $108,800 $108,800 $125,120
Farmington MSA (San Juan) $58,800 $58,800 $67,620
Curry and De Baca Counties $58,616 $58,616 $67,408
All Other Areas and Counties of the State $58,996 $58,996 $67,845


First Home Purchase Price/Acquisition Cost Limits

Residences financed can include single-family detached homes, town homes, condominiums, homes in planned unit developments, and permanently attached manufactured homes. Total home purchase price may not exceed the limit listed below, unless they are in a targeted area.

Area Purchase Price/Acquisition Cost Limits
Santa Fe County $338,824
Los Alamos County $350.471
Taos County $263,647
All Other Areas and Counties of the State $253,809


Income Limits for Targeted Areas (By Family Size)

Targeted Area Limits apply only to the First Home Program.

Counties 1 2 3+
Bernalillo and Sandoval Counties $74,280 $74,280 $86,660
Santa Fe MSA $74,640 $74,640 $87,080
All Other Counties of the State $67,680 $67,680 $78,960


Purchase Price/Acquisition Cost Targeted Area Limit

Purchase Price/Acquisition Cost Limit  
All Areas of the State $310,211


Next Home Income Limit

Qualifying Income Limit  
All Areas of the State $90,000


Next Home Purchase Price Limit

Purchase Price Limit            
All Areas of the State $340,000