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Resources for Property Owners and Agents

MFA’s Asset Management Department conducts compliance audits and physical site inspections for more than 250 properties totaling 16,522 units throughout New Mexico. Our department is committed to working with you, property owners and managers, to ensure the successful operation of your property. This section of the web site provides helpful information and links to important resources. 

MFA's asset management experience dates back to 1983. Here are some of the things we do:

  • Monitor occupancy levels, health and safety issues and affirmative fair housing practices
  • Analyze budgets, capital needs assessments and audited financial statements
  • Verify income qualification of households, applicant screening processes, staff quality controls, program documentation and preventative maintenance plans

Our portfolio of housing programs includes properties funded through Low Income Housing Tax Credits, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s (ARRA) Tax Credit Exchange, ARRA Tax Credit Assistance, HUD 542(c) Risk Sharing, HUD HOME, Housing Trust Fund, HUD Neighborhood Stabilization Program, USDA Section 538, and FDIC/Resolution Trust Corporation. Since 2001, MFA has also served as HUD’s Performance-Based Section 8 contract administrator, ensuring that Housing Assistance Payment contracts with HUD are secure and accurately administered. Our Section 8 portfolio comprises 89 properties with a total of 5,297 units.

Every day we work closely with our federal and state partners, yet our most important relationship is with you. Without nonprofit organizations, developers, public housing authorities, owners and property managers, we would not be able to fulfill the crucial mission of providing quality affordable housing opportunities for all New Mexicans. Please feel free to contact us at any time.