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NM Inspection of Public Records Act & Policy

Requests of MFA should be sent to:
Records Custodian
New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority
344 4th St SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Submitting an OMA and/or IPRA Complaint


Open Meetings Act Complaints

Written complaints concerning potential Open Meetings Act violations submitted to our office should include:

  • Specific dates of potential violation
  • Description of the public body that took the action(s) in question
  • Description of the specific circumstances surrounding the allegation
  • Other supporting documentation


Inspection of Public Records Complaints

Written complaints concerning potential Inspection of Public Records Act violations submitted to our office should

  • Specifics regarding the allegation
  • Description of the public body of which records are being sought
  • Copy of the written request for inspection of public records
  • Other supporting documentation



MFA Policy for Inspection of Public Records

  1. These procedures are modeled after the Inspection of Public Records Act (Sections 14-2-1 to -12, NMSA 1978).  When a request to inspect MFA records is received, the following procedures apply.
  2. All requests shall be immediately directed to the Attorney (MFA staff position).  The requestor shall not be given access to the records at the time of the request.  The Attorney shall direct the requestor to submit the request in writing.       
  3. The written request must have the name, postal service mailing address, and telephone number of the requestor; and it shall identify the records sought with reasonable particularity. For purposes of this Section, email is acceptable as a “written” request.
  4. MFA has fifteen (15) calendar days from the receipt of a written request within which to produce the records requested.  As noted above, the written request should be forwarded to the Attorney immediately upon receipt for review.  The Attorney must notify the requestor within three days of receipt of a written request of the day the records will be produced.  If the Attorney deems the request excessively burdensome or broad, the Attorney shall notify the requestor that additional time to process the request will be necessary.  
  5. MFA shall charge a reasonable reproduction (scanning, copying, faxing, etc.) fee, not to exceed $1.00 per page, for copying public records requested.  This fee may be charged in advance and a receipt shall be given.  MFA may charge a reasonable mailing fee not to exceed MFA’s cost of mailing public records requested.
  6. If the Attorney denies a written request, he or she shall provide the requestor a written denial, within fifteen (15) calendar days of receiving the request, stating the records sought and names and positions of persons responsible for the denial.  The denial shall be emailed, mailed or delivered to the requestor within fifteen (15) calendar days after the written request was received.
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